Tuesday, November 30, 2010

2010 in review

What a rough year..... ups and downs...smiles and frowns...

The bad....
I'm still in debt....it's true...no magical debt fairy has come to pay all my bills.
Summer is over
Winter is here
Wyoming football was terrible
Colts football -so many injuries :(
Elvis is still dead
My dad was in the hospital for 9 days
Friends moved away
I'm still not living some place tropical
My hair still isn't perfect
Shaving my legs ...yep..still annoying

And now..the GOOD....
It's the Holiday Season :)
My family was blessed with a beautiful baby girl. Molly :)
I get to spend 4 days all alone with Molly in a week and a half
I got a raise at work
My bosses told me "the office has never run this smooth and we give all the credit to you"
Elvis is still the King of Rock n' Roll
Tyler tells me he loves me
Someone else told me they love me
New laptop :)
I got a brand new pair of Dansko shoes
I haven't had a cold or the flu all year
My health is good
Basketball season is here
and I'm going to Graceland!!!
And ....my little Molly :)


Ry-Bread said...

Happy New Year :) A little belated... i know. Sorry about that. At least your good list is longer than your bad list. That makes it a good year right?